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Class Descriptions

All of our classes are available to all levels of students.

Come just as you are, root down into the earth, and grow where you flow.

Vinyasa flow

After a short warm up, students will be brought up to standing postures for a flowing and energetic practice.  Moving through well thought out sequences and balancing postures this class offers multiple options for a challenging yet approachable practice. Students can expect to be challenged both physically and mentally, while multiple variations of each posture will be offered.

Non Heated Room 

Slow flow

Beginning with slow and intentional movements, we slowly build this class from the ground up. After a juicy warm up, students will move to a standing practice including sun salutations and flowing postures linked together with breath. Multiple options will be offered for all postures making this class suitable for beginners to more experienced practitioners.

Non Heated Room 

Beginner yoga Flow

All of our class formats are accessible to all levels, but the Beginner Yoga Flow truly breaks down each aspect of the practice in an easy to digest manor.  Our teachers will carefully explain how to flow with your breath, how to use yoga props, and will give you the knowledge to feel more confident on your mat and in your own body. 

Non Heated Room 

Free Weekly

Community Flow

This free weekly class combines approachable yoga sequences with mindful breathing practices, finishing with restorative meditation.

 Come exactly as you are; no experience needed.

Non Heated Room 

Hot Power Yoga

Power yoga is a faster paced style of yoga that's focused on building strength and endurance.  This dynamic style of yoga incorporates repetitions with strengthening poses and exercises.  It is recommended that students bring a towel and water. 

Room Temp 85-90 Degrees


Slow Flow

This heated and peaceful class is perfect for mental and physical recovery.  It is similar to our non-heated slow flow, but by adding the element of warmth, students are able to go a little deeper into stretches and holds.  This class is great for anyone looking to relieve tension in the body.  Runners, athletes, or people who weight train may find this class particularly useful to relieve tight areas in the body.  Students are encouraged to bring a towel and water to class, but we always have extra on hand.

Room Temp 85-90 Degrees

Donation Based Gentle Restorative

A lovely combination of gentle restorative yoga postures and nurturing breath work.  These classes are slow and nourishing, leaving students feeling refreshed, renewed, and relaxed.  Props and assistance available throughout. Donations can be made in cash or by using Venmo at the time of the class.

Non Heated Room 

Private Instruction

If you're new to yoga and have been feeling nervous to try an open class,  or even if there are specific things you would like to work on in your personal practice, our Private Instruction classes could be perfect for you!  After answering a quick questionnaire, we will pair you with the right instructor for your specific needs.


Yoga + Weights Fusion

Yoga with weights combines power yoga flows with  free weights for a strength training workout.  We have a wide variety of weights for all levels, and all exercises can be done without weights as well.  The class will always end with a yoga cool down and rest.  It is recommended that students bring a towel and water.

Non Heated Room 

Yoga Wheel Flow

From heart and hip opening shapes, forward bends, and core strengthening postures, you will learn all of the ways this incredible prop can be used.  Our one of a kind Yoga Wheel Flow is open to all experience levels, and will be catered to the students in the room.  Yoga wheels provided!

Non Heated Room 

Donation Based

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a union of deep relaxation, self-inquiry, and meditation.  Your teacher takes you through a series of guided meditations to lull your body into a state of deep relaxation.  The class is ideal for people who struggle with "letting go" in other styles of meditation, and is beneficial for people with sleep deprivation, and can help with stress and anxiety. Donations can be made in cash or by using Venmo at the time of the class.

Non Heated Room 

Group/Special event Instruction

Special events are some of our favorite ways to connect with our community!   We offer private group classes, as well as offsite instruction.  We have  a beautiful space to host your upcoming events, or we can arrange to come to you.  Please contact us for more information.

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