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Welcome to
wild Root yoga

For nearly a decade, I have been practicing and teaching yoga in Columbus, Ohio.  During that time I trained under many impactful teachers and I have learned from all of them in unique ways.  Different yoga styles and teachers are akin to a variety of spices and cuisines.  After you experience many styles, you can create your own recipes and creations, while continuing to call on the knowledge that your teachers have offered over the years.  Our teachings and styles are steeped in many years of Columbus yoga tradition.  The time has come to finally plant some roots, and grow something new, while always paying homage to the teachings of the past.  We are excited to share these practices with our community, pulling together several styles of yoga and different teachers to offer something for everyone in our space. 

We pride ourselves in being an inclusive space open to all.  Every one of our teachers has been trained in yoga for everyBODY.  Each style of class will always offer several variations, from simple to complex, to ensure everyone feels comfortable.

Our incredible group of teachers are trained across several disciplines of yoga, but we all share the common goal to create a welcoming and safe space for you.  Our classes are drawn from yogic philosophies as they can be applied to our modern lives.  It is important to us to foster an environment free from dogma, gurus, or judgment.


I have been dreaming up this concept for many years, and I am so grateful to have my good friend, Steph Jo Aud, along with me on this exciting journey.  She is an amazing ray of sunshine and a true gift to anyone who gets to know her.  Steph Jo brings a sense of playfulness to her classes, and into our yoga space as a whole.  She will be in the studio every day of the week teaching, mentoring our teachers, and helping us grow.  On behalf of myself and Steph Jo, and all of our teachers, we invite you to root down into the earth with us.

We are delighted to grow and blossom together! 

steph jo aud
business development manager & Teacher Mentor 

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